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The Trampolones
The Trampolines Kaleidoscope Live



Arvada Harvest Festival

“The Trampolines – Kaleidoscope Live” (now available) is the band’s first new album in years.  They feel that it is a perfect representation of what they do in concert.  Many of the songs included on “Kaleidoscope Live”, are the first versions to ever be released as full band recordings as well!  In addition, there are a few choice covers included that the band has featured in their set list(s) for the last few years.

The new album was released Worldwide on 04/02/21 and can be downloaded on iTunes /Apple Music.

It is also available on Spotify, Amazon and many other top physical/digital retail outlets.  You can find all buying options (as they are updated) by clicking on the “Hear Now” link or by clicking on the link for the “Pre-Order Package”, which will include a limited-edition cd (with a bonus track), a digital download card and a signed poster.  Do not forget…the Cd is “Limited Edition” and there are only 100 copies to be had…so get yours today!